Thursday, October 23, 2008

close minded people

It drives me crazy how some people cant see past there own stupid ways, that they cant understand we are all different, we're all we can be. theres some things we cant choose... our skin color, our family, our sexuality.

Theres a girl i work with, one who until today i hadn't come out too. A few days ago she was reading a magazine, an article about lindsay lohan and sam ronson (please don't tell me you've been living under a rock and are unaware of them, i will mock you!) and her remark was "eww i don't understand why someone would be gay!" its been stuck in my head every single second since i heard those words and its made me so damn angry! How can some people be so close minded i know theres alot worse been said but nobody i personally know has said anything like this to me. I decided to come out to her today to hopefully in some way help her understand. The whole story starts a few days ago when i saw my ex which ended in a hickey my coworker saw and asked me about, this happened on the same day as the lindsay/sam comment so when i was questioned about it i simply replied "it's nothing!" but today with her remark still bugging me i told her during a convo on msn. once said her reply was "oh i didn't know you had an ex girlfriend" when i replied "yeah sorry i didnt tell you sooner" she said "k" and signed off.
damn stupid close minded people.
im still pretty damn pissed right now and an eleven hour shift with her tomorrow is also bugging me too!!


Butch Boo said...

Hope the shift went OK!!



Hariq-Sha said...

yeah..i know..i hate that kind of people too..i mean what's with all the labels right?

we fall in love with the person, not the gender.. :)

chill man! u rock!