Monday, November 17, 2008

right now

right now...
im watching crossing jordan
feeling full from just having spaghetti
wondering why only guys are interested in me at the moment
wishing christmas was closer

had today off work so i got started on my christmas shopping... it didnt happen as planned though. i ended up buying myself a heap of dvd's and chose what i wanted for christmas lol. although i did manage to get a stocking for my cat its super cute says "nice kitty" on it and even has a place for a pic of him. also got my cousin a big christmas teddy with the year written on his foot.
its my cousins forst christmas so im excited for that other than him my brothers the youngers in our family and hes 16 so its starting to feel christmas is fading without a little one some how they make it seem real again.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


its finally starting to feel like summers coming yesterday was so damn hot and today i suffer the consequence of hanging outside in the sun for about four hours yesterday im burnt raw and what makes it worse is i have soccer tonight where i will be pushed around "ouch!"
Sorry for no blogging lately work has been crazy but i finally managed go work the roster out so i got three days off first being yesterday where i had to go into work anyways and sort some stuff out with deliveries and such but i got tickets to see fall out boy yesterday so im excited for that!

im back tracking here but theres been changes in the situation so stick with me... i was sort of into this girl who i met a few times i thought things were going great she seemed into me i was totally into her then when i asked her out for this weekend her response completely knocked me over, then kicked me when i was down "sorry cant im spending the weekend with my boyfriend!" hows that for somebody who id gone out with several times and made out with, i discovered shed been with him for a fair while but he had been away recently. spose i was just the fill in!
i need some good luck, anybody have any to share?

Sunday, November 2, 2008


took a few days of work, go the flu :( which is real annoying for me as im not the kind of person who can sit home and do nothing im already going crazy and ive only spend a day and a half at home ive watched about a million movies and i feel like i havent been out of the house in weeks, although one movie settled me for a bit, id been waiting to see it for a while now, "itty bitty titty committee" its awesome i recommend everyone to see it, it makes you wanna go out and fight for everything plus daniela sea is in it which makes it worth seeing all on its own for those of you who dont recognise her name she plays max/moira in the l word.
Anyways because im going crazy and have pretty much watched every movie i could think off please recommend some movies for me help me stay sane or let me know of any way to get rid of the flu fast!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

the up's and down's.

Yesterday started of rough but it was all worth it, finally got tickets to see pink... i woke up nice and eary 6am to be exact, tickets go on sale at 9am should be all good i thought until it took me 2 hours to wake up my friend carly who was driving us to go and get the tickets... We get there eventually and the line made me want to just give up but then i thought mmm pink so me and carly hopped in line and 2 and a half hours later we had our crappy seats lol. but at least ill be there!
i also bought a new toy last night, an ipod touch and its freakin unbelievable i love it but am almost in tears in disappointment when i realised all the itunes stores are different for each country and in australia you cant download l word!!! seriously wtf im so angered, so ive had to start downloading greek to put in the ipod so i have something to do at work haha.
also saw ex's friends in the line for pink tickets AWKWARD!