Monday, August 25, 2008

something new

Thought id start a blog get the stuff out that will only flow through my fingers. im a big blog fan so thought id finally get my own one out there.
so whats happened lately?
i saw three of my fav bands play together on the weekend, panic at the disco, cobra starship and the academy is... dont know em'? go check them out you wont regret it! I took my younger sister for her birthday unfortunately since an incident where she was squashed between the stage and a bunch of sweaty randoms at fall out boy she would get pit tickets again which is fair enough but being in the pit is the best fun ever!!
some people are weird when it comes to celebs you should have seen the fans chasing the car the bands took of in and the screams were louder than the concert was mental took an hour just to get out of the stadium area there was people everwhere the build up of cars was the worst thing ever but the concert was so worth it!

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