Sunday, November 2, 2008


took a few days of work, go the flu :( which is real annoying for me as im not the kind of person who can sit home and do nothing im already going crazy and ive only spend a day and a half at home ive watched about a million movies and i feel like i havent been out of the house in weeks, although one movie settled me for a bit, id been waiting to see it for a while now, "itty bitty titty committee" its awesome i recommend everyone to see it, it makes you wanna go out and fight for everything plus daniela sea is in it which makes it worth seeing all on its own for those of you who dont recognise her name she plays max/moira in the l word.
Anyways because im going crazy and have pretty much watched every movie i could think off please recommend some movies for me help me stay sane or let me know of any way to get rid of the flu fast!

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Butch Boo said...

Stay in keep warm and watch Coronation Street!!!