Wednesday, November 12, 2008


its finally starting to feel like summers coming yesterday was so damn hot and today i suffer the consequence of hanging outside in the sun for about four hours yesterday im burnt raw and what makes it worse is i have soccer tonight where i will be pushed around "ouch!"
Sorry for no blogging lately work has been crazy but i finally managed go work the roster out so i got three days off first being yesterday where i had to go into work anyways and sort some stuff out with deliveries and such but i got tickets to see fall out boy yesterday so im excited for that!

im back tracking here but theres been changes in the situation so stick with me... i was sort of into this girl who i met a few times i thought things were going great she seemed into me i was totally into her then when i asked her out for this weekend her response completely knocked me over, then kicked me when i was down "sorry cant im spending the weekend with my boyfriend!" hows that for somebody who id gone out with several times and made out with, i discovered shed been with him for a fair while but he had been away recently. spose i was just the fill in!
i need some good luck, anybody have any to share?

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Asia! said...

I wish! I always need some! I know how you feel, this girl I was/am sort of ... dating? well, on new years she kissed a guy and then he somehow ends up in her bed and yet she "doesn't know how he got there" and she tells me not to freak out. And that has happened before, with the same guy! And then I was at her house, and he shows up there! I find out he's her brother's friend (she lives with her brother) which means he's there allll the time. And she told me he was just some random creepy guy, trying to make herself seem like the stupid does she think I am right? Like really, its ridiculous