Monday, November 17, 2008

right now

right now...
im watching crossing jordan
feeling full from just having spaghetti
wondering why only guys are interested in me at the moment
wishing christmas was closer

had today off work so i got started on my christmas shopping... it didnt happen as planned though. i ended up buying myself a heap of dvd's and chose what i wanted for christmas lol. although i did manage to get a stocking for my cat its super cute says "nice kitty" on it and even has a place for a pic of him. also got my cousin a big christmas teddy with the year written on his foot.
its my cousins forst christmas so im excited for that other than him my brothers the youngers in our family and hes 16 so its starting to feel christmas is fading without a little one some how they make it seem real again.


Maria said...

Don't you freakin' hate it when you can catch the gaze of ten men but not ONE woman?

Asia! said...

I know how that is about the's quite ridiculous i'd say