Saturday, November 1, 2008

the up's and down's.

Yesterday started of rough but it was all worth it, finally got tickets to see pink... i woke up nice and eary 6am to be exact, tickets go on sale at 9am should be all good i thought until it took me 2 hours to wake up my friend carly who was driving us to go and get the tickets... We get there eventually and the line made me want to just give up but then i thought mmm pink so me and carly hopped in line and 2 and a half hours later we had our crappy seats lol. but at least ill be there!
i also bought a new toy last night, an ipod touch and its freakin unbelievable i love it but am almost in tears in disappointment when i realised all the itunes stores are different for each country and in australia you cant download l word!!! seriously wtf im so angered, so ive had to start downloading greek to put in the ipod so i have something to do at work haha.
also saw ex's friends in the line for pink tickets AWKWARD!

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Maria said...

Ah...glad you got the tickets.