Saturday, October 18, 2008


until today i had never realized how much hiding from my family the fact that im gay was affecting me. i dont see my family that much i mean i live with them but im only home at night and im either sleeping or on the net, until this morning i was in the car with my parents and my sister and i couldnt breath or move the secret took me over i felt guilty and affraid that if i move they could tell or if i spoke it might accidentally slip out i know this sounds completely stupid i think it does too but this just makes me so much more scared of coming out to them how do i say it? do i tell them all at one? or tell one and let them spread the word? when do i tell them? how will i be able to get the words out?

my friends have stood right beside me throughout and havent changed how they act around me or treat me so why am i so scared to tell my family?
why does the truth have to be so hard?

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